No Black Friday : why?

Still no black Friday imported from the US for La Pantoufle à Pépère... It's a David and Goliath like battle. We are David, the shepherd with his Frenchy (and Welsh :) sheep, offering qualitative made in France slippers. With fairly waged shepherds and sheep, our low margins cannot compete with the Goliaths' huge discounts. However in this one-sided fight, we do have a strong case that seduces our clan : French manufacturing, French sourcing for the majority of our raw materials (all French except a few +++ fabrics from Italy and +++ virgin wool from Wales), reduced carbon impact, positive availability of our customer service, and jaw-dropping models... Besides, when BLACK is NOIR, it is hopeless (French hit by Jonnhy Halliday) and on the contrary together we do work for a hopeful daily made in France manufacturing!