The Pantoufle à Pépère X American Vintage collab

Hotel Le Roch and Spa - 5* PARIS mardi 18/10 9h

On the suite's last floor of the trendy luxurious Hotel, recently decorated by Sarah Lavoine, was held the press presentation of the collaboration between La Pantoufle à Pépère X American Vintage. The atmosphere was muffled and highly perched charentaises were looking at the audience, like elegant flamingos.
Even though there were many prestigious events on that day, over sixty reporters came to see us. We can nearly speak of thrilling excitment. The questions would flow... What can you tell me about this collab? When did you start? (La Pantoufle à Pépère of course, not American Vintage ;) Oh I've already heard about you... You're from Lille, aren't you ? Where are your charentaises made? How much are they? But there weren't only questions. There were many exclamations as well. It is AWESOME! Your 2 environments match perfectly! That's a great gift idea! Just before Christmas, it's perfect. And this is a very fair price!
Arnaud and I did not do it too cool and talk about our funny comparison with "Les Chtis et les Marseillais contre le reste du monde" (French reality show) that you can read in our collab section. It would have sounded out of context. But we greeted all the reporters - press and digital - with the American Vintage team with lots of enthusiasm and commitment. And we wandered in this huge suite with enormous pleasure to present the cosy models of our capsule edition ♥ 

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