La Pantoufle à Pépère, the story of the charentaise

La Pantoufle à Pépère is an old traditional French slipper called "charentaise", typical of the region of Charente, southwest of France. In the middle ages, the farmers slipped the ancestor of the charentaise in their clogs to have more comfort.

They became more and more used during the reign of  Louis XIV. 

Originally, the charentaises were worn by the valets of the French nobility. This enabled valets to sneak into their master's bedroom without waking him. They then walked "in hushed steps" as they came and went in the different rooms of the castle. 
 This is how they got their nickname: "les silencieuses" (the silent ones).
Repeatedly passing by in their charentaises and felt soles, 

But the other positive aspect is that the valets polished the parquet floors thanks to the felt soles of their charentaises keeping the floors gleaming all year round. 

Moral of the story : Who was in a better position ?

Thinking about it, who were more unlucky in those big , hard-to heat castles ?
The servants with warm, light and comfortable slippers ?
Or the châtelains with cold, heavy, high-heeled shoes ?

the charentaise today

Today, the charentaise has conquered our homes with its unrivalled comfort and its retro look that we love. Whether worn with pyjamas, pants, a dress or even jogging pants, charentaises are always in style.