La Pantoufle à Pépère was born in Lille from a simple but crazy idea : reinventing the charentaise ! The collections are designed in Lille (North of France) and the charentaises are produced in Charente (Southwest of France).

The highly qualitative production of our charentaises follow all the different steps of the traditional sewn-back technique scrupulously.

Documentary : the different manufacturing steps of the Pantoufles à Pépère


The collections are designed in Lille, North of France and produced in Charente-Périgord. Our charentaises have a PGI, Protected Geographical Identification for their artisanal manufacture :

- natural woven felt sole;

- sewn-back manufacturing 

- produced in Charente (French Southwest region)


Our collections of caps are designed in Lille, North of France and produced in Tarn et Garonne. They have the Living Heritage label. This award highlights the excellence of artisanal work. Up to 20 different parts make up a cap : the peak, the different panels of the crown, the button, the cleanliness lining... Which are handsewn with pinpoint accuracy that relies on high-level know-how