La Pantoufle à Pépère, 100% made in France

Barbara et Arnaud, the founders of La Pantoufle à Pépère

Winter 2011. Barbara is a project manager in the training sector and Arnaud is a textile sales rep. In addition to these activities, they have a ready-to-wear shop in Lille (North of France) specialized in French made navy sweaters and marinieres. They also sell a few very classical charentaises. They would like to diversify the range of charentaises (French traditional handmade in Charente slippers) because they find them much too classical. They contact the supplier but he never answers their messages. However one day Barbara and Arnaud receive a parcel with an unsold stock with high piled slippers : huge green and orange piles ! They first intended to send them back but finally decided to display them in the shop window to astonish the clients. The charentaises will eventually be sold out at the end of the Christmas period...

Winter 2012. Eager to launch a new project that will enable them to concile more easily their private and professional life (reconstituted family with 4 children and busy work schedules) the happy pair digs deeper the issue of the come-back of the charentaises. After a five-day ski break to inhibite and work, they give birth to The Pantoufle à Pépère. A few weeks later, Barbara leaves her job to focus fully on the project. Arnaud joins her the following year.

Today La Pantoufle à Pépère is distributed in over 100 shops in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. These are mainly upmarket ready-to-wear and concept stores.

La Pantoufle à Pépère has quickly met many and varied clients : from trendy hypsters to grandads who did not wear them any longer, and young people and children at whom no original slippers were aimed. The charentaises were initially purposed for men but they quickly appealed to women clients. That is the reason why La Pantoufle à Pépère offers models especially dedicated to women, in particular the Moonwalk or the Huguette bootee . 

2018 marks the launch of a new product. Caps. That are made-in-France with highly qualitative retro fabrics. And as the results are forthcoming, the range of caps has been widened with golf caps and chapkas.