GIVE priority to local contacts 

Here, we don't choose multinationals at the other end of the world to produce at a lower cost, but local factories with whom we have established a relationship of trust. Producing in France has multiple benefits. Geographical proximity facilitates commercial exchanges and reactivity is a priority. Only bonus. Why go elsewhere to find what you can do at home? Buying French also means contributing to employment in France. And employment concerns us all.


our boxes and transportation

A Beijing-Paris trip by plane is 3.15 tons of CO2! At La Pantoufle, we decided to take the bull by the horns... We have our boxes made next door to us in Roubaix, custom made to the size of our charentaises. This means that there is no unnecessary space in our boxes. As a result, we put more boxes in the Colissimo trucks. This has a direct impact on the carbon footprint because there are 3 times less trucks on the road to deliver your internet orders. And a customized production also means less waste and less pollution...

Our partner La Poste committed to the environment

Our partner La Poste is committed to a more environmentally friendly delivery and contributes to a more responsible consumption.  Optimization of vehicle loading, particularly with bulk transport. Training 80,000 postal workers in eco-driving, with savings of over 4 million liters of diesel. And carbon offsetting projects, for example by investing in sustainable and clean energy.